Remembering September 11, 2001

Remember 911

Today we remember all the families in America, and world wide, who’s lives were forever changed by the horrific events that transpired on Sept 11, 2001. Our thoughts and prayers are with them, with our military, and all the men and women who’s job it is to keep our country and the world safe.

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Used Hooklift Trucks For Sale – Storm Ready Trucks

With the onset of hurricane season and the threat of storms overshadowing most of the southeast, Apex is ready to provide the highest quality, most dependable refurbished  storm clean-up trucks that will be needed to deal with the aftermath. When a quick response is needed to help get people’s lives restored to normal, you can count on Apex roll off trucks to help lead the charge.

Whether you need a large tri axle grapple truck truck to haul debris and pull a storm clean-up trailer, or a municipal style single axle hooklift truck to move around on small city streets, Apex Equipment has a truck that will work for you. All  Apex roll off trucks go through a 210 point inspection repair process and an independent Federal DOT inspection. All certified pre owned roll off trucks are covered by a 2 year/200k mile warranty.

Every used hooklift truck is part of the Apex Rapid Response Program. If you are working a storm, especially in a city you are not familiar with, and a breakdown occurs with your equipment, you can call our toll free hotline and get immediate support. This means you don’t have to spend time trying to locate local towing companies or repair services, we will handle that for you, and the recovery and repair process for your truck will get started fast.

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Hooklift Trucks For Sale

Each hook lift truck goes through a 210 point inspection repair process, followed by an independent Federal DOT inspection, most roll off trucks are offered with a 2 year/200k mile drive-train warranty. Our knowledgeable, courteous staff will guide you through the process of getting the right roll off truck for your requirements. When America is ready to work, Apex is ready to work.

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Hook Lift Trucks Come To Apex Equipment

Yes, it’s true! Apex Equipment now offers high quality hooklift trucks, as part of the inventory. The hooklift trucks will be refurbished in-house by our highly qualified technicians using the same industry leading standards that has set us apart from the competition. We will be offering a 2 year/200k mile warranty, and every hooklift truck will undergo a 210 point inspection/repair process, as well as receive an independant federal DOT inspection.

We are confident that we can produce refurbished hooklift trucks that will serve the waste and recycling industry as well as our roll offs have. And we look forward to serving all of the businesses in the United States, and around the world with top of the line used hook lift trucks, that they can depend on when it’s time to work. Remember, if it says Apex, it’s ready to work.

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Hook Lift Trash Trucks

There are a plethora of trucks and equipment that the refuse industry calls upon in order to serve it’s purpose. The hook lift trash truck is one such machine. Not unlike the cable hoist roll off truck, the primary function of a hook lift truck is to pick up and deliver waste containers of assorted sizes.

Though the job description of the cable and hook lift truck are the same, the hooklift truck goes about it’s business a little differently. The roll off waste container has a pull-hook at the base of the box, conversely, the hook lift bin has a pull-hook located at the top of the pull end of the container. The hooklift pull hook is typically set at one of three industry standard heights 32″/54″/63″. The hoist-hook on a hook lift truck will normally be designed for one, two, or all three of these hook heights.

The hook lift hoist design is a hollow steel tubular boom (like a crane boom, only shorter). It has a jib that slides in and out, that is usually energized by hydraulic power. The hooklift hoist, commonly, has two hydraulic rams (cylinders) that allow for the maneuvering of the boom. When the hooklift hoist hook jib is telescoped all the way in, the hook lift hoist may be raised, and will fold over toward the rear of the truck, allowing the hook to extend out beyond the frame, and connect with a hooklift container. When the hook jib is telescoped all the way out (toward the cab of the truck), the entire hoist and hook will raise and tilt to the rear of the vehicle. This allows the hooklift truck to act as a dumptruck.

At the rear end of the the hoist frame is a roller assembly, with two to four rollers (or cams), depending on the size, and manufacturer of the hoist. These rollers allow the the hooklift container to roll freely across the tail of the hoist frame, avoiding damaged to the frame and container, as it is being lifted onto the truck.

Another predominate feature of the hooklift truck, is that it gives the operator the ability to load, and off-load containers without ever leaving the cab of the truck. It also offers some versatility in that it’s operator can load a container from varied angles with ease, and little or no damage to asphalt or other bases that a hooklift container may be placed on.

To see an inventory of high quality reconditioned hooklift trucks visit Apex Equipment

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